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Here is something you should know about non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Pathological grade, which measures how aggressive a bladder tumour presents itself, as well as stage that assesses the extent of cancer spread, are the most important determinants of prognosis and treatment for bladder cancer patients.

Until now, pathologists have used classical histopathology to diagnose bladder cancer. This involves looking at a sample of the patient’s tumour under a microscope.

Many bladder cancer tissues may look the same under a microscope, but behave very differently and pathologists don’t always agree on cancer grade. In case studies where pathologists looked at non-muscle invasive tumours, pathologists didn’t agree on the grade of the tumour in up to 40% of the cases. Thanks to new technological advances at iTP, it is now possible to tease out the molecular fingerprint of bladder tumours and get unprecedented insight into their aggressiveness that goes far beyond what was previously possible.

Bladder Cancer Diagnosis
with Current Practices

  • Pathologists use classical histopathology to view your tissue sample under a microscope and evaluate its aggressiveness (grade).
  • The grade of a bladder cancer tumour is a subjective assessment and even experienced pathologists do not always agree on the severity of non-muscle invasive tumours.
  • Some, more aggressive tumours, may be masquerading as low grade disease, while some high grade tumours may progress to muscle-invasive disease

Bladder Cancer Diagnosis
With BladderPredict™

  • After analysis by the pathologist, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer tissue samples can be sent to a qualified clinical laboratory for testing.
  • BladderPredict™ then uses state-of-the-art technology to look at a tumour and measure the output of the entire human genome.
  • Using this information, BladderPredict™ assigns a score that defines grade, therefore helping physicians choose the right treatment option.

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